In-House Creative Production

Bringing part of the creative production in-house, enhancing the effectiveness of the Yettel's digital marketing campaigns.

Yettel Bulgaria

Yettel is a part of the PPF Telecom Group and connects over 3 million customers to people, devices, and businesses. With 200+ physical shops nationwide, the company acknowledged the call to adapt to the digital era and seize online opportunities.

Design Leadership & Production

As the driving force behind our design processes, I took charge of setting up organized design systems in Figma, guiding our workflow, and ensuring our team had the most efficient tools for creating digital marketing content.

Beyond this, I've been at the forefront of a significant portion of our visual imagery and motion design video ad production, contributing to the seamless generation of high-quality, on-brand content for our digital campaigns.

Sample work

5+ years of creative impact can't fit in one presentation but I'll do my best.

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